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The Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing

The benefits of SMS text message marketing spreads high and wide for every business. These days, when a mobile phone is more than just an accessory or a status symbol, it is becoming more and more a necessity to daily living...Read More


Why Use Mobile Coupons in Your Business?

Consumers these days are attracted to promotional offers. This is why a lot of businesses have strategized their marketing campaign in such a way that will give them more leverage to their consumers by means of offering coupons...Read More


Things Your Text Messages MUST Have

If you are looking for unconventional ways to market your business and promote your products, why not consider text messaging marketing? This form of marketing is a low-cost yet effective way to reach as many clients and potential customers with a single click of a button...Read More


SMS Text Message Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make

Text messaging is indeed a revolutionary way to communicate. It is definitely more cost-effective, less invasive and a good form of communication if you don’t want the disturbance of a call. It is no wonder that many businesses have incorporated this form of mass promotion to their marketing campaigns. However, this does not mean that all of them do so effectively...Read More


SMS Text Message Etiquette Tips

If you are interested in finding out other means to build relationships with potential customers and maintain loyalty from existing clients, then now is the time to try out text message marketing. However, you must first find out some important SMS text message etiquette tips for you to avoid angry consumers and ineffective campaigns...Read More